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Hero Collector

Hero Collector | Battlestar Galactica Collection | Battlestar Valkyrie with Magazine Issue 17 by Eaglemoss

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  • Valkyrie was a formidable, long-serving Battlestar assigned to a range of duties, from black ops missions to orbital patrols.
  • A veteran warship built more than four decades before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Battlestar Valkyrie was initially deployed during the First Cylon War.
  • The Valkyrie and sister ships in its class were an evolution of the design used for the original twelve-strong fleet of Battlestars, of which the Galactica was a notable example.
  • Following the Armistice, the Valkyrie was regularly upgraded and retrofitted. The ship was still in service when the Cylons ended the 40-year ceasefire, unleashing genocidal nuclear attacks on the Colonies.